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Your guide

Who is he
Ahmed, Brahim, Mohamed, and everyone else

Berber, from the Atlas, Ahmed, Brahim, Mohamed, and all the others, are certified professionals who have been guiding for many years for large European agencies. They know all the corners of the Atlas, the deserts, and the Atlantic coast.
They will enjoy making you discover different aspect of Moroccan life : customs, traditional life, legends and stories…

Their skills

All, aside from Berber and Arabic, they all speak French perfectly.
Many of them guide in English with a very high level of knowledge of the language, up to some sophisticated puns and can have in-depth discussions on many topics.
Many also speak perfect German, and Spanish can be accommodated on request.

Why should you choose a guide

They will be your best introduction to the local people and in the nature of the mountain and deserts.
They will listen to your ambitions and your desires in order to make your adventure in Morocco an unforgettable moment.

The safety

At Aventure Berbère, no false guides … no guides at cheap discounts to break the sale price.
You pay for your trip at the right price, but with quality. And we know perfectly well that the guide is the masterpiece of your trip’s success.
They are all certified, up to date of their license and their fees. And we regularly organize training seminars over several days, with a professional trainer from Europe (trainer of French AMM – or European Mountain Leader). Also, we give upgrades, safety, first aid, with a specialized doctor.


And much more

  • Some have a mountain biking specialization.
  • Others have a specialization for cross-country skiing.
  • Others have a specialization for winter mountaineering, Toubkal or M’Goun in winter conditions.