• campement trekking sud marocain

Camp, meals, equipment

For your comfort (for the itineraries with overnight in tents)

Dome tents, two entrances, two apses, three seats for two people. A thick individual mattress is provided, with a personal sheet.
Possibility of individual tent (you have a tent for yourself only). Request must be made during booking.

For even more comfort
Folded chairs and tables.

Shared tents
Mess-tents for meals and evenings. Kitchen tent for the cook. Toilet-Tent.

What you will eat during the trip

On the road
Lunch at a local restaurant, usually tajine or brochettes, seasonal fruits, tea.

During the trip
Meals prepared by the cook with local products.
For small groups (2 or 3 people), meals are prepared by the muleteers – camel drivers and the guide.
• morning : big breakfast, coffee, tea, chocolate, jam, butter, bread, cereals;
• noon : cold meal made of salad, seasonal fruit, tea;
• evening : soup, mail course (tajine, couscous, rice…), dessert, tea/infusion;
• during the day : a complement of energetic food is given, dates, peanuts, pralines, biscuits;
• When finishing a leg : snack with tea and biscuits.

For precaution, it is recommended to treat the water. Mineral bottled water is available in every village. Mint tea is served in the morning, at the end of each leg and in the evening.

Baggage transportation

You will travel with a lightweight backpack, carrying only the personal belongings needed for the day (gourd, camera, protective clothing, etc.).
Individual and collective luggage is transported by camel – mules to the desert and the coast.
We have negotiated with all the accommodations we use so that you can leave your city affairs with them, and retrieve them on the return. Bring a small secondary bag to store them; they will be grouped in a large bag that we provide, closed with a padlock.

Be well equipped

From November to February, nights are usually cold in the desert (it can be freezing at night).
On mountain tours, even during summer, nights can be very cold.
Depending on the season and the itinerary, you must bring warm clothes (several layers) and an appropriate sleeping bag.


All of your belongings will be distributed between a small backpack that you will carry during the walks and a travel bag with a padlock, carried by the local logistics team. Choose a soft bag that will be easier to carry by the mules: camels.


Basic equipement

— Breathable underwear (fast dry).
–  A light shirt with longue sleeves.
–  A fleece jacket Polater style (if possible windproof) or Wind Pro (great weight/insulation ratio).
–  A waterproof and breathable jacket (in Goretex).
–  Walking pants.
–  Thermal tights (according to the season and itinerary).
–  A bonnet (according to the season and itinerary).
–  A pair of gloves (December – January).
–  A cap or a hat.
–  Sunglasses.
–  A rain coat.
–  A headlamp or a light flashlight.
–  Telescopic walking sticks (optional).
–  A water bottle (or water pouch, pipette) 1.5 liters minimum. You can also buy a hard plastic bottle on site, which will serve as a gourd during the tour.



— Desert trekking – Coast trekking – Mountain discovery, desert
Light, airy shoes, with good grip for different surfaces.
–  Mountain trekking
Waterproof shoes with a high-stem and sole with good grip, such as Contagrip or Vibram.


Sleeping bag

–  A sleeping bag adapted to the season and itinerary.
–  A liner.


–  A backpack equipped with wide shoulder straps and an adjustable anatomical frame, with a capacity of approximately 30 liters, for your belongings during the day.
–  A travel bag of 80 to 100 liters, flexible, carried during the day by the porter team (mules, camels).



–  A toilet kit and a towel.
–  A tracksuit or similar for the evening.
–  Walking socks.
–  Spare clothing to change into.
–  Toilet paper and a lighter to burn it if necessary.
–  Wet wipes
–  Some plastic bags to protect your belongings.
–  An anti-theft pocket, to keep with you at all times, with your identity documents, money, etc.


The Aventure Berbère +

Sleeping bag rental
We can rent you a sleeping bag + liner (washed before each use). WE have 2 different models, for each itinerary and season.
Request at booking.

Mineral water
Possibility of supplying mineral water throughout the tour, 3 liters per person per day.
Check the fare on each trip.