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Foot hills of the Toubkal mountain

  • Destination :
  • Durée : 3 jours
  • Possible depuis : 01/03/2019
  • Jusque : 15/11/2020
  • Prix : 170€
Day 1
Marrakech – Imlil – Aït Souka : villages, berber traditions, mountains

Road to Imlil through the gorges of Moulay Brahim and the village of Asni. From Imlil, a short walk leads to the village of Aït Souka, where we will settle for two nights in a gite.
A quality accommodation, held by Ahmed, guide for Aventure Berbère for many years, and key man for the whole region of Toubkal.
A welcome tea, and a few pastries. Then, with the guide, and the mule that carries the picnic, we leave to explore the surrounding mountain, towards Aremd, towards the Toubkal. Lunch at the shade of walnut trees. We discover the agriculture traditions of the Berber mountain people. The irrigated terraces rise very high on the flanks of the valley. The superior channel (targa) forms an almost straight division between the brown of the mountain and the green of the crops; the villages are built above so as not to lose any fertile land. Return to the gite by mid-afternoon.
To celebrate your arrival, Ahmed invites you for a traditional hammam beldi.

  • Walking time: 2 to 3 h.
  • A = D: 300 to 400 m.
  • Transfer: 1 h 30.
  • Lodging: gite.
Day 2
Tizi n’Zik (2490 m)

Breakfast on the terrace, facing the mountains of Toubkal. Then, departure for a hiking day with the mules. After having crossed several villages a clear path leads to a pass, the tizi (local name) n’Zik, at nearly 2 500 meters. Very beautiful view of the valley of Imlil, the Oukaïmedem, the valley of Tizi Oussem ; the contrast between the green valleys and the arid mountains is striking. Lunch will be taken at the pass or close by. A mule will carry the necessary for the picnic, and the cook will make this meal an unforgettable moment.
Possibility of climbing above the pass for a superb view over the two valleys. Return to the gite by mid-afternoon. And, in the terrace, with the Tizi n’Zik in the background, it is time for tea and pastries.

  • Walking time: 4 to 5 h.
  • A = D: 850 m.
  • Lodging: gite.
Day 3
Tizi n’Tamatert – Imlil – Marrakech

Walk to the small village (and marabout) of Sidi Chamarouch ; the mountain gets more arid and only certain bleatings of goats and sheep kept by young shepherds will accompany the walk. You will also encounter walkers that are hiking up to the Toubkal refuge or that are on their way down. Return to the gite for lunch. A welcome tea on the terrace, with pastries, then a varied salad, the berber tajine, seasonal fruits and again tea.
By mid-afternoon return to Marrakech.

  • Walking time: 3 to 4 h.
  • A = D: 350 m.
  • Transfer: 1 h 30.


Easy hike « mountain and Berbers »
2 night in a gite

In the Berber language, « the people from here » are the Imazighen, “free people” who live in harmony with nature. A hike on the foothills of the giant Toubkal to discover the daily life of the Berbers and their ancestral culture : a deep connection to the land, the sense of what’s sacred, the hospitality, the berber people perpetuate an inseparable heritage of Morocco’s identity.



  • A very “nature” and friendly approach to the Berber world, field work and traditions.
    • Two nights in a gite, immersed in the Berber world, hammam included (once), sheet and blankets provided.
    • A Berber guide during the three days.
    • The beauty of the landscapes, with the villages clinging to the mountains and the great peaks.
    • Very short road transfers.


Useful information

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your  guide
the gite
camp, meals, equipment


Price, Euros

Group size 2 3
Per person
310 235 200 180 170
Extra day
Mineral water


What’s included in the price
–  All land transport as described in the program in reserved vehicles for the group.
–  Lodging as described, in a gite (2 nights).
–  Full meal plan during the trip.
–  The collective and individual kitchen equipment.
— An Aventure Berbère guide, from Morocco and English-speaking.
— A first aid kit for the group.

What’s not included in the price
–  Cancellation insurance.
–  Drinks.
–  Gratuities.
–  Everything that is not in the « What’s included in the price » section.


Possibility of an extra night/day
for the pleasure of the eyes and the pleasure of the immersion in the Berber world.
Relax at the gite, walk and discover on your own, or in a guided walk as follows :
After a hearty breakfast, trail for the tizi n’Tamatert. If you are in good shape, the climb to the Aourir n’Ouassif (2724 m) is a pleasant complement for this day, providing a magnificent view over several valleys and many mountainside villages.