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  • enfants heureux avec leur guide dans la montagne de l'Atlas marocain
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  • Bougmez et neige sur la montagne
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  • cascade Ouzoud
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  • enfant sur mule Bougmez
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Our family in the Bougmez valley

Day 1
Marrakech – Aït Bougmez – Agouti (1780 m)

Transfer in the central Atlas. Taking the road to Azilal, then we sink into the beautiful valley of Ait Abbas until the beautiful village of Agouti, in the heart of the valley arrival at the gite where we will stay for two nights. Lunch at the gite. Climb to the small summit of Sidi Chita that offers a beautiful view over the valley.
The Gite of Agouti, owned by Ali, a guide of the Aventure Berbère team, is very confortable ; one room per family.
Ali now offers a traditional beldi hammam inside the gite (approximately 25 Dhs, starting with 4 people)
2 h walk. A = D = 150 m.

Day 2
Découverte de la vallée

Discovery in a loop : climb on one side of the valley, the descent on the other side. We take the discovery trail of n’Aguerd Ouzou : on the edge of the assif Bouwgmmaz the irrigated crops spread, the path zigzags between fields and groves of walnut trees. We observe the threshing areas, an exceptional architecture (tighermt), and traces of dinosaurs…
Discovery of the collective granary of Sidi Moussa. Inside, there are boxes in which each family once enclosed its reserves, especially of grain, which allowed them to survive in the event of a poor harvest. Their strategic location also made it possible to protect the village’s resources in the event of a conflict. The granary is also a marabout that shelters the tomb of Sidi Moussa. Some villagers still come to visit to see their wishes answered.
Overnight at the gite..
4 to 5 h walk. A = D = 280 m.

Day 3
Agouti – Arrous gorges, the outstanding mountain adventure

The carriers are at the au rendez-vous in front of the gite. They load tents, kitchen supplies, mattresses and bags. When everyone is ready, the mule caravan, guide and cook we begin the great two-day adventure.
Climb by the Arrous gorges, in a strong mineral world where the Berber take roots. After crossing a plateau of lacustrine origin, exploration of a small canyon in places so narrow that it barely allows for the sunlight to enter.
Dinner and overnight in a tent in the mountain at 2 500 meters, near high altitude sheepfolds of Ikkis– the azibs – which are used in the summer by Berber families with their flocks.
5 h walk. A = 700 m.

Day 4
Arrous – Agouti

Folding tables and chairs are installed outside (or in the mess-tent if it is cold or windy) for the breakfast up here in the mountain, like pioneers. Loading of the mules and walk through the gorges to go take tea in a house in the village of Aït Saïd. Crossing of the village of Tighza.
Return to the gite of Agouti for the last night in the happy valley.
4 to 5 h walk. D = 700 m.

Day 5
Agouti – Marrakech

Quiet return to Marrakech going by the waterfalls of Ouzoud ; tasting of a berber tagine in a small restaurant by the waterfalls. And, why not, a swim in one of the basins at the foot of the waterfalls. Arrival to Marrakech in the afternoon.
1 to 2 h walk. A = D = 150 m

« Mountain » hike with your children
4 to 5 h walk by day, during 3 days
3 nights in a gite – 1 night in a tent

• The mountain, with 3 days of walking in the central Atlas and its magnificent landscapes : bare mountains, agricultural valleys, slopes plated with juniper trees, and a camping night in the mountain.
• The life of the Berbers in the “happy valley” of Aït Bougmez : superb villages hanging on slopes, field work, work with the animals that the children will take grazing, the parties, the weekly souk…
The local people call their valley “paradise on Earth ”. A complete program !



• A varied discovery of the Bougmez, with easy walks.
• Three confortable nights at a gite, particularly well located and welcoming.
• One night in a camp in the mountain, with a cook, tents and firewood.
• The discovery of the Ouzoud waterfalls, tajine and swimming.
• A saddle mule for an average of two children (up to 16 years old).
• No need for a sleeping bag (blankets provided for the night at the camp).


Useful information

For more details, click on the labels
your  guide
your gite
camp, meals, equipment


Price, Euros

Group size
2 3
4 5
7, 8
Per person
615 460 390 355 325 295


What’s included in the price

–  The road transportation as described in the program in reserved vehicles for the group (minibus).
–  Lodging as described, in a gite (shared room with your children), in camp (one night).
–  Full meal plan during the trip.
–  The collective and individual kitchen equipment.
— An Aventure Berbère guide, from Morocco and English-speaking.
— The assistance from a local team (drivers, porters, cook).
— The assistance of camels for the children (1 camel for 2 children).
— A first aid kit for the group.

What’s not included in the price
–  Repatriation insurance.
–  Drinks.
–  Gratuities.
–  Everything that is not in the « What’s included in the price » section.