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Peaks and high passes of Toubkal

  • Destination :
  • Durée : 6 jours
  • Possible depuis : 31/05/2019
  • Jusque : 31/10/2020
  • Prix : 340€
Day 1
Marrakech – Oukaimedem – beginning of the trekking

Transfer by minibus from Marrakech to Oukaïmeden (the only ski resort of the Atlas, at 2600 m) by the valley of Ourika. While the cook is preparing the lunch, walk to discover the cave engravings of the plateau. Meet the porters, then load the baggage. An easy climb for the tizi n’Addi (2980 m); panoramic view of the valley of Imane and the peaks of the High Atlas. Descent towards Tachedirt, the highest village of the Atlas, and installation at the camp of Fousaou (2300 m), at the foot of the Likemt.
We discover the agricultural traditions of the Berber mountaineers, the irrigated terraces on the slopes of the valley. The upper channel (targa) forms an almost straight line division between the brown of the mountain and the green of the crops; the villages are built above so as not to waste any part of fertile land.
• Walking time: 4 to 5 h.
• A: 620 m. D: 840 m.
• Transfer: 1 h 30 to 2 h.

Day 2
Tachedirt – tizi n’Likemt- base of tizi n’Aouray

By the tizi n’Likemt, area of the high mountain (3550 m), we reach the azibs n’Likemt. These azibs, very isolated, the equivalent to our pastures, are animated with an abounding life four to five months a year, during the summering of the flocks of the villagers of Amsouzert. They find there the grass that is lacking in their village already too far south of the massif. Campsite at the foot of the tizi n’Aouray, at about 2900 meters.
• Walking time: 7 h 30.
• A: 1650 m. D: 1050 m.

Day 3
Tizi n’Aouray – Ifni lake

A very « mountain » day once more: the crops are far below, and we won’t see them until the afternoon after the passage of the tizi n’Aouray, very arid, at an altitude of 3109 meters. Descent to the village of Amsouzert (1740 m). The walk ends by the moraine that holds Lake Ifni, in the heart of a superb mountain circle. Depending on the season, it is possible to swim here. Camping at 2295 meters on the shores of Lake Ifni.
• Walking time: 6 h.
• A: 890 m. D: 1540 m.

Day 4
Ifni lake- tizi n’Ouanoums – Toubkal base camp

During this stage, the Toubkal dominates by its massiveness. A gorge then some difficult laces lead to tizi n’Ouanoums (3600 m), a difficult passage for the caravan of mules. An easy and short descent takes us near the Neltner refuge (3200 m); we set up camp in the surrounding meadows.
• Walking time: 5 h 30.
• A: 1350 m. D: 580 m.

Day 5
Ascent of the Toubkal (4167 m) – Aït Souka

The ascent of the highest peak in Northern Africa is done without major difficulty. A stony trail climbs very close to the camp, first on some fallen rocks and then in a deeper valley, filled by large blocks. The final crest is wide and gradually sets near the climax point. From the summit, there is a very wide view of the plain of Marrakech, the Siroua, the Great South. In general, the descent is made on another route on the northern slope. After tea and lunch at the camp, a pleasant descent takes us from an arid mountain scenery to the irrigated valleys that lead through Sidi Chamharouch (marabout) to the beautiful cultivated area of Aremd (1900 m).
Overnight at Aït Souka, a quality gite, cared for by Ahmed Aït Hammou, a guide who has been working with Aventure Berbère for many years, and key man for all the Toubkal region. Ahmed now also proposes a traditional hammam beldi within the gite (price: 50 Dhs, approximately).
We will return here, Inch’Allah…
• Walking time: 8 to 9 h.
• A: 967 m. D: 2167 m.

Day 6
End of the trek – Marrakech

Short descent to Imlil, then transfer to Marrakech where we will arrive before noon.
• Walking time: 15 min.
• Transfer: 1 h 30 to 2 h.

« Mountain » trekking, (very) demanding
5 to 8 h walking per day, for 4 days
4 nights camping – 1 night gite


Alpine relief, terraced valleys, stone villages and an ancestral way of life … to be discovered during the Atlas giant’s tour followed by its ascent (4167 m). A good physical shape is necessary for the crossing of several passes at more than 3,500 meters and significant differences in height.
A sporty way to discover the Toubkal Atlas.



  • A complete change of scenery in the least amount of time.
  • The discovery of the rock carvings of the Oukaimeden.
  • The climb of the highest mountain in Northern Africa (4167 m), after having toured other high peaks.
  • A gradual acclimatization in altitude and elevation differences.

Useful information

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your  guide
the gite
camp, meals, equipment


Prix, Euros

Participants 2 3
Per person
570 420 410 375 340
Single tent
Sleeping bag
Mineral water


What’s included in the price
–  All land transport as described in the program in reserved vehicles for the group (minibus).
–  Lodging as described, in tents (4 nights), and a gite (1 night).
–  Full meal plan during the trip.
–  The collective and individual kitchen equipment.
— An Aventure Berbère guide, from Morocco and English-speaking.
— The assistance from a local team (drivers, porters, cook).
— A first aid kit for the group.

What’s not included in the price
–  Single supplement.
–  Drinks.
–  Gratuities.
–  Repatriation insurance.