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The country

Official documents

–  For most travellers: valid passport covering the entire duration of your stay.
–  We strongly suggest to visit the UK official website of foreign affairs which will provide up to date information. If you are travelling with children pay attention to the information on this matter.

–  For US travellers, visit the website of the USA government

–  For Canadian travellers, visit the website of the Canadian government

–  For other nationalities, please check with the local consulate authorities of Morocco in your country.

Your flight
Choosing a flight

Many airlines fly to this country.
Whether flying to Marrakech, entry port for most programs, but also to Agadir, Casablanca, Essaouira, Fes, Ouarzazate.
Among the low cost, from Europe, UK
Easyjet – Jetairfly – Ryanair – Transavia – Air Arabia – Lauda Air
And of course: Royal Air Maroc
but also: Air France – Austrian, British Airways – Iberia – Lufthansa – Swiss – TAP.
Royal Air Maroc flies daily from New York, Montreal, to Casablanca, with connexions to Marrakech, Agadir.

The Moroccan dirham

The currency is the Moroccan Dirham – MAD.
1 Euro = 11 Dirhams approximately – 1 USD = 9 Dirhams approximately – 1 GBP =12 Dirhams approximately
It is pointless to try to buy dirhams before travelling, this currency is only available inside the country.
Change is possible at the airport on arrival ; as well as bank offices and in many exchange offices.
However, the easiest way is to withdraw dirhams from an ATM, available all over the cities.



The safety

Morocco receives over 10 million tourists per year.
This destination is considered safe. There is some delinquency in the large urban centres, but nothing more. In the Atlas Mountains and desert areas, the level of security is very high.
Here is some advice information for travellers on the UK government’s website. See also for Canadian travellers and US travellers.
« Morocco is a safe country, where tourism can be done without problems. »