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Hiking Morocco’s wild coast

  • Destination :
  • Durée : 6 jours
  • Possible depuis : 01/03/2020
  • Jusque : 30/06/2022
  • Prix : 410€
Day 1
Marrakech – Imessouane – beginning of the trek

Transfer on minibus from the early morning. We pass by Chichaoua to reach the tip of Imessouane. The road passes through many argan tree crops in which cooperatives are located. In Imessouane, we find our camel team and load the luggage. From Imessouane, frequented by surfers, beginning of the trek.
Camping at Amderdizin, famous for its sunsets.
2 h 30 to 3 h walk.

Day 2
Amderdizin – Tafedna

We are in a landscape of hills covered by a forest of argan trees. Crossing of villages and cultures to meet the Berbers of Haha. For lunch, stop at a house, with tasting of argan oil. Continuation of the walk after a nap; in a magnificent section, above some occasionally inaccessible beaches; stunning views of the sea.
Campsite near Tafdena, a fishing village.
5 h walk.

Day 3
Tafedna – Sidi Ahmed Assayh

Vital trek day, where we walk, without the dromedaries, in the wildest part of these few days. Passing through Tafedna, an ancient Portuguese village now a fishing port, we climb up to the plateau covered with argan trees. Here, goats climb up the trees to eat the leaves. The coastline is steep and wild. We then descend to the sea and stop for a picnic on a beautiful beach. Bathing is possible. Then we walk along the coast, at the foot of the dunes.
Camp, in Sidi Ahmed Assayh (wells), the most beautiful beach in the region.
5 h walk.

Day 4
Sidi Ahmed Assayh – Sidi m’Barek

We continue along the coast from the cliff along impressive limestone ledges. We meet many solitary fishermen. Around noon we arrive in the dunes of Assif n’Boud, a small river leading to the sea; the landscape is exceptional.
Camping very close to the beach, next to the waterfalls of Sidi m’Barek, a very beautiful site. There is still a good part of the afternoon and evening to enjoy the sea.
4 h walk.

Day 5
Sidi m’Barek – Sidi Kaouki – Essaouira

From Sidi m’Barek, we continue our walk along the coast. The lighting is beautiful. Very beautiful views of cliffs landscaped by salt and wind and wild beaches on the way to the charming village of Sidi Kaouki, from where local transportation takes us to Essaouira. Installation in riad. Dinner included.
Discovery of the ancient Mogador, the white and blue city (white houses with blue doors and windows), a fishing port founded by the Portuguese and then conquered by the French, now classified as a World Heritage site by Unesco. It is a delight to stroll in the medina, the alleys, the fortress, the port. It is also possible to bathe on the beach of Essaouira.
4 – 5 h walk.

Day 6
Essaouira – Marrakech

A last tour on the port, in the fortress, then departure for Marrakech by minibus; lunch on the way. Arrival by mid-afternoon.

Easy « Atlantic coast » trekking
5 h walk per day, for 4 days
4 nights at camp – 1 nuit at riad (Essaouira)


The Atlantic coast between Essaouira and Agadir is extremely wild and isolated, most of the time only accessible on foot. Sandy beaches, rocky headlands, limestone cliffs falling, fishing villages, dunes too, as if the Sahara plunged into the Ocean … And the changing lights that add their taste of sweetness.


  • Alternating hikes and bathing in the Atlantic.
  • Discovery a of Berber way of life living from the sea’s resources.
  • The atmosphere of the camel caravan.
  • Night at the riad at Essaouira, dinner included.


Useful information

For more details, click on the links
your guide
the camp, food, equipment


Price, Euros

Group size 2 3
Per person
715 530 500 455 410
Single tent
Single room
Sleeping bag
Mineral water


What’s included in the price
–  The road transportation as described in the program in reserved vehicles for the group (minibus).
–  Lodging as described, in tents (4 nights), and a night at riad (Essaouira).
–  Full meal plan during the trip.
–  The collective and individual kitchen equipment.
–  An Aventure Berbère guide, from Morocco and English-speaking.
–  The assistance from a local team (drivers, cameleers, cook).
–  A first aid kit for the group.

What’s not included in the price
–  Single supplement (room / tent).
–  Drinks.
–  Gratuities.
–  Repatriation insurance.
–  Everything that is not in the « What’s included in the price » section.