The gites

What is it

In the Atlas Mountains, many Berber guides have set up gites. They are accommodations in a big traditional house, with one or several lounges, which serve as a common room and restaurant room, several rooms, toilets and hot showers.
Most have a terrace : very nice to enjoy the scenery during breakfast or while drinking tea after the hike.
Some offer a traditional hammam beldi.

How the rooms look like

Generally, « shared rooms ». Each room offers several places to sleep, from two to four, or six. It can be either beds or thick mattresses on large carpets.
We guarantee you a room (or more, depending on how many you are), without having to share with other guests of the gite.

Berber eating

The lodges provide the food. Meals prepared by the family or the cook that accompanies the group. Meals are served in a lounge, in the dining room or in the terrace whenever possible.
Traditional food is of course preferred: harira (traditional Moroccan soup), tajine (unavoidable!), couscous, skewers, seasonal fruits, and the inevitable mint tea, served with all meals…

To bring or not

–  Sheets and blankets provided.
–  Bring your own towel.
–  Possibility to buy water bottles, or even soft drinks.
–  Alcohol not available. You can bring your own, to drink with moderation and respect.

At the gite

Staying in a gite in the Atlas Mountains, it is to leave for many salam aleikum (“hello”), the sharing of mint tea, nuts, cakes.
It is to leave for authentic encounters, the reception is sincere, and the hospitality is legendary…
You will also discover a traditional lifestyle to the rhythm of the field work and the mountain, a festival of colours, beautiful landscapes and charming villages.